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Anna Wang is a founder of Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN), a co-founder of Autism Parents Task Force, and the founder of Dream Achievers Band.[1] A founder is a person who starts an organization. FCSN opened in Fremont, California, in 2006.

Wang is married to Albert Wang.[1] They have three kids. Lawrence Wang is the middle child and was diagnosed with autism at a young age.[2] Wang talks about how in Chinese communities, people don’t talk about their kids with special needs. When Wang figured out her son had autism, she did not know what to do. Over time, she found a therapist for her son. Soon, other families learned how Wang was taking care of her son. This inspired other families with children that had special needs to meet up. Soon, five families met up to talk about their children with autism. These meetings were the start of Friends of Children with Special Needs. Friends of Children with Special Needs officially opened in 2006 making Fremont its headquarters.[2] Dream Achievers Band is a group of kids with autism that play music.

Wang was an electrical engineer, and her husband was a doctor.[2]

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