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Antiziganism or antigypsyism, is fear and hatred of Romani people.[1] There has been antiziganism in Europe since at least 1300 c.e.[2]

The Romani people are discriminated against and even murdered in many countries. In the 1500s through 1700s, Romani men could be hanged without a trial in many countries.[2]

Harmful untrue information against the Romani people is spread worldwide. Unfortunately, the Romani people are blamed for many things by other peoples. As example, dubious sources claimed, that Talat Pasha who belogend to the Turks from Bulgaria, have been the son of a Romani mother and a Pomak father, which is simply not true. He had nothing to do with the Romani people from Bulgaria. This is done, to deny his turkish origins and to blame the Romani people.

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