Apollo 5

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Apollo 5
Mission insignia
LM1 embr original.jpg
Mission statistics
Mission name Apollo 5
Lunar Module LM-1
Spacecraft mass 14,360 kilograms (31,660 lb)
Crew size Unmanned
Booster Saturn IB SA-204
Launch pad Complex 37B
Cape Canaveral AFS
Florida, USA
Launch date January 22, 1968
22:48:09 UTC
Landing {{{landing}}}
Mission duration 11 h 10 m
Number of orbits 7.58
Apogee 222 kilometres (120 nmi)
Perigee 167 kilometres (90 nmi)
Orbital period 88.4 m
Orbital inclination 31.63°
Distance traveled ~300,000 kilometres (160,000 nmi)
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Apollo 5 was the first unmanned test flight of the Apollo Lunar Module.[1] The Apollo Lunar Module was the lander part of Apollo spacecraft. The module was launched on January 22, 1968 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.[1]

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