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Archie Moore (December 13, 1913 or 1916 [1] Archived February 1, 2003, at the Wayback Machine – December 9, 1998) was an American boxer. He held the light heavyweight championship between 1952 and 1962. Moore won the title from Joey Maxim by unanimous decision in 1952. He later lost the belt because he did not defend the title twice a year. Moore fought for the heavyweight championship twice, was the only person to fight 3 champions from 3 generations. He lost to Rocky Marciano on September 22 1955 and to Floyd Patterson on November 30 1956 (when Rocky's championship officially ended), in both of those attempts. One of his last fights was to Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali. Afterwards, Moore was Ali's trainer for a short time. They split because of differences on fighting styles.

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Preceded by
Joey Maxim
World Light Heavyweight Champion
17 Dec 1952–12 May 1962
Abandons title
Succeeded by
Harold Johnson