Arg of Karim Khan

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Karim Khan Citadel
ارگ کریم خان زند
Arg of Karim Khan ارگ کریم خان در شیراز 01.jpg
Former namesArg of Karim Khan
General information
Architectural styleIranian architecture
LocationShiraz, Iran
Construction started1766
Height14 m
Technical details
Structural systemImperial resident, Military.
(later prison)
Size4.000 m2
Design and construction
ArchitectKarim Khan Zand
EngineerA team of engineers all from Zand territories

The Arg of Karim Khan' (Persian: ارگ کریم خان Arg-e Karim Khan) or Karim Khan Citadel is a citadel located in downtown Shiraz, Iran.

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Coordinates: 29°37′03″N 52°32′41″E / 29.6174°N 52.5446°E / 29.6174; 52.5446