Arjun - Prince of Bali

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Arjun - Prince of Bali
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
Based onChhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali and Chhota Bheem
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes95
Production company(s)Green Gold Animations
Original networkDisney Channel
Picture formatHDTV 720p
Original release1 June 2014 (2014-06-01)
Related showsChhota Bheem
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Arjun - Prince of Bali is an Indian animated television series produced by Green Gold Animation. It premiered on 1 June 2014 on Disney Channel India. It is a spin-off of the show Chhota Bheem. The main character of the show, Arjun, was first featured in the film, Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali. The show features the adventures of Arjun, the prince of Bali.[1][2][3][4]

Timeline[change | change source]

1675 - 1712

Characters[change | change source]

  • Arjun: A 11-year old prince of Bali. He is raised to be skilled in warfare and archery. Arjun derives 10x power from his favorite Badam (English: nuts) milk and is always ready to save the day. He is helpful, champion of the good who loves being in the limelight. He has a very cute relationship with his sister Tanya and mostly takes care of her and protects her. Sometimes because of some unacceptable situations her sister fights with him but, Arjun knows how to control her very well.
  • Zimboo: Zimboo is Arjun's 6-month old loyal pet tiger. He always accompanies Arjun in fights and duels.
  • King Sahadev Verma: King Sahadev Verma is the 36-year-old king of Bali. He is the father of Arjun and Tanya.
  • Queen Suvarna: She is the 30-year old beautiful, charming and poised queen of Bali. She is a mother who adores her son and daughter.
  • Tanya: The 9-year old Princess of Bali and sister of Arjun, she is sweet, charming and graceful. Sassy and spunky, she adores her brother, but finds him condescending at times and that's why she sometimes gets into a fight with him! But she also admires and praises Arjun and always takes his side. Just like her brother Arjun, she is also skilled in dance and gymnastics. She is the best dancer in the whole region and no one can be compared with her in dancing. She also has two twin playmates with her named Aci and Ayu. She has a very beautiful relation as a little sister with Arjun.
  • Poucho: He is a loyal friend of Arjun and he says that he is the bodyguard of Arjun.
  • Khojo: He is the son of a minister in the King's court and always thinks of plans so that he can defeat Arjun. He also has a small crush on Tanya and is always wanting to impress her.
  • Khamba: He is a loyal friend of Khojo and carries him on his back.
  • Bahula: He is the loyal spiritual advisor and guru to the king and Arjun. Spiritually enlightened, his penance has great power and he is worldly wise, especially when dealing with crisis.
  • Senapati Bhairav: He is a Senapati and guru of Arjun and father of Poucho.
  • Wangi: She is a loyal friend of Arjun and lives in the jungle.
  • Nimbo: He is royal chef in the Kings' palace and everyone loves the food he makes.
  • Sankat: He is a 12 year old boy that is trained in Warfare, Archery, and how to use Mace (Gadā), Sword, he is the rival of Arjun and he is one of the first shown characters in Season 1 Episode 2. He is also strong as Arjun and sometimes he has been shown as stronger than him.

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