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The Asian Boyz is a street gang in Los Angeles, California that formed after an attack by the Tiny Raskal Gang that killed four people. At first, the gang was made up of young Cambodian refugees. The gang wears navy blue colors. The age of the Asian Boyz is between age 10 – 40 years of age. Their enemies are the Tiny Raskal Gang, Latin gangs, and all of the blood gangs. The Urban Dictionary lists the Asian Boyz as being the second biggest gang of Asian people and the 12th biggest gang in the USA.[1]

In 1995 the Asian Boyz killed at least five people, including three teenagers who died in a car crash on the freeway after being shot at by the gang.[2] In 1998, one of the gang members, Truong Dinh, gave evidence in court about several murders by the gang.[3] To try and stop Dinh from talking in court, the gang shot dead his father on the day before the trial.[2]

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