Atelopus ignescens

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Atelopus ignescens
Atelopus ignescens.jpg
Scientific classification
A. ignescens
Binomial name
Atelopus ignescens
(Cornalia, 1849)

Atelopus carinatus Andersson, 1945
Phryniscus laevis Günther, 1858

The Atelopus ignescens is a species of toad. It is often known as the Jambato toad or the Quito stubfoot toad. They belong to the family Bufonidae. They live in Ecuador. They were thought to be extinct until some were discovered in 2016. [1] Their habitat is subtropical or tropical high-altitude. It was believed to be the closest relative of the Carrikeri Harlequin Frog.[2]

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