Attorney General of California

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Attorney General of California
Seal of the attorney general
Rob Bonta

since April 23, 2021
California Department of Justice
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, two term limit
Inaugural holderEdward J. C. Kewen
FormationConstitution of California
Unofficial namesCalifornia Attorney General

The attorney general of California is the state attorney general of the government of California. The attorney general carries out the responsibilities of the office through the California Department of Justice.

Duties[change | change source]

  • As the state's chief law officer, ensures that the laws of the state are enforced.[1]
  • Heads the Department of Justice, which is responsible for providing state legal services and support for local law enforcement.[2]
  • Acts as the chief counsel in the state.[3]
  • Oversees law enforcement agencies, including district attorneys and sheriffs.[1]

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