Auditory system

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The auditory system is the sensory system for the sense for hearing.

Structure of the ear[change | change source]

Anatomy of the human ear. (The length of the auditory canal is exaggerated in this image)

Outer ear[change | change source]

The outer ear is the folds of cartilage surrounding the ear canal. They are called the pinna.

Middle ear[change | change source]

Sound waves travelling through the ear canal will hit the tympanum, or eardrum. The malleus (hammer), incus (anvil) and stapes (stirrup). These bones convert the waves to high pressure vibrations. They are then converted to nerve impulses in the cochlea.

Inner ear[change | change source]

The inner ear is made mostly of the cochlea.

The cochlea[change | change source]

The cochlea is made up of three pieces, and is filled with liquid. It transforms sound waves to electric signals in neurons.

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