Aurel Joliat

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Greatest shooter of all time, teammates called him a 'sniper' because of his ability to put the puck in the top corner against any goalie in the league. He had some controversial moments during his time in the NHL, most notably when he charged at the opposing goalie and tackled him onto the ice. The brawl that ensued is referred to by some NHL historians as a 'bench-clearing brawl', the first of its kind up to that point. Due to a lack of formal discipline by the NHL, Joliat was out on the ice next game and scored 4 goals and 3 assists in one of the single greatest performances of all time. Joliat played for 4teams during his 8 year career, never able to find a steady home as he was difficult to play with at times due to his superior skill and challenging personality. His good friend and teammate Ricky LaFluer once said, 'He's the best damn teammate on the planet when you pass him the puck.' Many NHL historians believe Joliat would have been the best player of all time, despite others saying he rode the coattails of teammate and Hall of Famer, Billy Dunbar.