Australian Classification Board

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The Australian Classification Board is a government agency in Australia that controls censorship and classifications. It rates video games, movies, and publications. It was originally created in 1970 as the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). The name was changed in 2006.

For most media, there are the following ratings:

Rating symbol Meaning[1]
G rating symbol
G: General
PG rating symbol
PG: Parental Guidance
M rating symbol
M: Mature 15+
MA15+ rating symbol
MA15+: Mature Accompanied
R 18+ rating symbol
R18+: Restricted 18+
X 18+ Rating symbol
X18+: Restricted 18+
RC rating symbol
RC: Refused Classification

Refused Classification means that the Classification Board has banned the item from being released in Australia. Any movie or video game under this rating can not be shown in Australia. RC would be the strongest rating by the Australian Classification Board.

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