Autonomous Republic of Crimea

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Crimea, a independent area, is named the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Ukraine used to own it. The republic is viewed globally as an unlawfully taken part of Ukraine by Russia.[1] Crimea was a part of Russia until 1954. Then, they gave it to Ukraine as a gift.[2] But in 2014, Russia wanted Crimea back from Ukraine. Ukraine refused to give back Crimea so Russia took Crimea back forcefully.[3][4]


Crimea's Population is 2,416,856 (2021) and Density is 219.1/sq mi.

Crimea's Size is 10,425 sq mi.

Crimea's Nominal GDP is $7 Billion and GDP Per Capita is $300.

Crimea's Main Language is Crimean (Short for Crimean Tatar). Other Languages Include Russian, and Ukrainian.

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