Avignon threats

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On the 29 October 2020, a man threatened people with a gun in Avignon, Vaucluse, France. He was Fabien Badaroux,[1] who claimed to be part of the far-right identitarian group Génération identitaire.[2] This could not be confirmed.[3] The group said the man was not one of their members.[4] Badaroux argued with a person from the Maghreb.[5] A bystander alerted the police. Badaroux was killed by police, wanting to arrest him at 11.15 local time.[2][5] The attack is not classified as terrorism.[6] Later, the threatened driver told police that Badaroux had done a Nazi salute, and charged his weapon, before threatening him.[6] According to some sources, Badaroux was treated in a psychiatric hospital nearby. He was a local man from Avignon, aged 33.[2]

This incident took place on the same day as a triple killing in Nice.[2]

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