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Ayisha Siddiqa

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Ayisha Siddiqa
Born8 February 1999
Occupationclimate activist

Ayisha Siddiqa is a Pakistani environmentalist. She is from Coney Island, New York City. She is the co-founder of "Fossil Free University" and "PollutersOut!".

Activism[change | change source]

Siddiqa started her works when she founded extinction rebellion university's branch in May 2019.[1] The organization was doing a strike on the 7th of October 2019 at Lower Manhattan, New York City.[2] The strike was willingly joined by 300,000 people.[3] One of her notable actions was that she doused fake blood on the Charging Bull in Wall Street.[4]

In response to the "2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference", she founded "Polluters Out" with Isabella Fallahi and Helena Gualinga.[5] The organization was created because they had realised that fossil fuel industries are playing a big part in the issues.[6] The fossil fuel companies who funded in the event include Endesa, Iberdrola, Banco Santander and Acciona.[7] One of the companies which was affected by this decision was British Petroleum.[8]

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