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Aythya ferina Sandwell 2.jpg
Common pochard (Aythya ferina)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidae
Tribe: Aythyini
Genus: Aythya
F. Boie, 1822

12 species, see text

Aythya is a genus of diving ducks. It has twelve described species. The name Aythya comes from the Ancient Greek word αυθυια (aithuia), which may have referred to a sea-dwelling duck or an auklet.[1]

Species[change | change source]

Image Scientific name Common name Distribution Conservation status
Canvasback (male) - Aythya valisineria, Oakley Street, Cambridge, Maryland.jpg A. valisineria Canvasback North America least concern
Aythya ferina Finsbury 1.jpg A. ferina Common pochard Northern Europe into Asia vulnerable
Redhead - Aythya americana, Oakley Street, Cambridge, Maryland.jpg A. americana Redhead North America, from as far north as Northern Canada to the lower United States least concern
AythyaCollaris 4951.JPG A. collaris Ring-necked duck Northern United States and Canada least concern
Hardhead male drip.jpg A. australis Hardhead Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and the islands of the Pacific least concern
Baer's Pochard RWD4.jpg A. baeri Baer's pochard Southeast Russia and northeast China, migrating in winter to southern China, Vietnam, Japan, and India critically endangered
Aythya nyroca at Martin Mere 1.jpg A. nyroca Ferruginous duck From Iberia and the Maghreb east to western Mongolia, south to Arabia near threatened
Madagascar Pochard, Captive Breeding Program, Madagascar 4.jpg A. innotata Madagascar pochard Madagascar critically endangered
NZ Scaup 01.jpg A. novaeseelandiae New Zealand scaup New Zealand least concern
Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula Male by Dr. Raju Kasambe DSCN9795 (16).jpg A. fuligula Tufted duck Throughout temperate and northern Eurasia; occasional visitor to the United States and Canada least concern
Greater-scaup-male2.jpg A. marila Greater scaup Alaska, northern Canada, Siberia, and the northernmost reaches of Europe least concern
Lesser Scaup (6974701193).jpg A. affinis Lesser scaup Alaska through western Canada to western Montana, Central America least concern

References[change | change source]

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