Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party

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Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP) is a political party in Azad Kashmir in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The main center of politics of JKPP is Azad Kashmir (including Gilgit Baltistan). Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party was formed on 19 July 1990, after observing the changes in political situation of Azad Kashmir, by politicians of same school of thought, under the supervision of the founder of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan. The purpose of JKPP's formation was to provide a platform to the people, through which they can struggle for the Independence and betterment of the society. The First Convention of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party was held in Islamabad on 9 December, 1992. Keeping the Democratic principles in mind, The Central Council of 200 members elected the first President of the party. Since then, the party officially started its working.