Bío Bío River

Coordinates: 36°49′10″S 73°09′52″W / 36.8194°S 73.1644°W / -36.8194; -73.1644
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Biobío River
Physical characteristics
 - locationGalletué Lagoon and Icalma Lake
 - elevation1,160 m [1]
MouthGulf of Arauco, Pacific Ocean
Length380 km [1]
Basin size24,264 km² [1]
 - average899 m³/s
Biobío river at Concepción close to where it meets the sea.

The Biobío River (also known as Bío Bío[2] or Bio-Bio[3][4]) is a river in Chile. It is the second largest river in Chile. The river starts at Icalma and Galletué in the Andes, Araucanía Region. The river flows 380 km to the Gulf of Arauco on the Pacific Ocean.

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36°49′10″S 73°09′52″W / 36.8194°S 73.1644°W / -36.8194; -73.1644