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A babysitter is a person paid to look after a family's children when the parents are away for a short time. Babysitters are often teenagers and are often female. Babysitters are most likely to be popular in American and European countries but now it is getting popular in Asian countries like Japan and China.

General[change | change source]

Most of the time, babysitters are in middle school, high school or college (12-). There are some adults who have in home childcare as well. The type of work for babysitting workers also varies from watching a sleeping child, changing diapers, playing games, preparing meals, to teaching the child to read or even driving (if the age is right), depending on the agreement between parents and babysitter.

In some countries there are organizations that produce training courses for babysitters, mainly focusing on child safety and first aid for infants and children. These classes or courses can be provided at local hospitals and sometimes schools. These classes can teach the babysitter to keep both the child, or children, and the babysitter safe in different health and weather conditions.