Back to Basics

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Back to Basics
Studio album by Christina Aguilera
Released August 10, 2006 (2006-08-10)
Genre Pop, funk, R&B
Length 78:43
Label RCA Records
Producer Christina Aguilera (also exec.), Ben Allen, Big Tank, Charles Roane, DJ Premier, Kwamé, Linda Perry, Rich Harrison, Mark Ronson, L Boogie, Tony Reyes, Q
Christina Aguilera chronology
Back to Basics
Keeps Gettin' Better – A Decade of Hits
Singles from Back to Basics
  1. "Ain't No Other Man"
  2. "Hurt"
  3. "Candyman"
  4. "Slow Down Baby"
  5. "Oh Mother"

Back to Basics is the fifth studio album by Christina Aguilera. Released on August 10 2006.

Disc 1[change | change source]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro (Back to Basics)"   Christina Aguilera, Christopher Martin, Kara DioGuardi, Roy Hawkins, Rick Darnell DJ Premier, Christina Aguilera^ 1:47
2. "Makes Me Wanna Pray" (featuring Steve Winwood) Aguilera, DioGuardi, Rich Harrison, Steve Winwood Rich Harrison, Christina Aguilera^ 4:10
3. "Back in the Day"   Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi, Don Costa, Jimmy Castor, Langdon Fridle, Jr., Douglas Gibson, Harry Jensen, Robert Manigault, Gerald Thomas DJ Premier, Christina Aguilera^ 4:13
4. "Ain't No Other Man"   Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi,
Charles Roane, Harold Beatty
DJ Premier, Roane*, Christina Aguilera^ 3:49
5. "Understand"   Aguilera, DioGuardi, Kwamé
Holland, Allen Toussaint
Kwamé 3:46
6. "Slow Down Baby"   Aguilera, Mark Ronson, DioGuardi, Raymond Angry, William Guest, Merald Knight, Edward Patton, Gladys Knight, Marvin Bernard, Michael Harper, Curtis Jackson Mark Ronson, Christina Aguilera^ 3:29
7. "Oh Mother"   Aguilera, Derryck Thornton, Mark Rankin, Liz Thornton, DioGuardi, Bruno Coulais, Christophe Barratier Big Tank, Q, L Boggie*, Christina Aguilera^ 3:47
8. "F.U.S.S."   Aguilera, Roane, DioGuardi Roane, Christina Aguilera^ 2:21
9. "On Our Way"   Aguilera, D. Thornton, Rankin, L. Thornton, DioGuardi Big Tank, Q, L Boogie*, Christina Aguilera^ 3:37
10. "Without You"   Aguilera, DioGuardi, Ronson, Rob Lewis Ronson, Christina Aguilera^ 3:57
11. "Still Dirrty"   Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi DJ Premier, Christina Aguilera^ 3:46
12. "Here to Stay"   Aguilera, Heather Holley, Tony Reyes, Ben Allen, George Henry Jackson Tony Reyes, Ben Allen, Christina Aguilera^ 3:20
13. "Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)"   Aguilera, Martin, DioGuardi, Pamela Sheyne, David Frank, Steve Kipner DJ Premier, Christina Aguilera^ 4:59
Total length:

Disc 2[change | change source]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Enter the Circus" (performed by Linda Perry) Aguilera, Linda Perry Linda Perry 1:42
2. "Welcome"   Aguilera, Perry, Ronson, Paul Ill Linda Perry 2:43
3. "Candyman"   Aguilera, Perry Linda Perry 3:14
4. "Nasty Naughty Boy"   Aguilera, Perry Linda Perry 4:45
5. "I Got Trouble"   Aguilera, Perry Linda Perry 3:42
6. "Hurt"   Aguilera, Perry, Ronson Linda Perry 4:03
7. "Mercy on Me"   Aguilera, Perry Linda Perry 4:33
8. "Save Me from Myself"   Aguilera, Perry, Bill Bottrell Linda Perry 3:13
9. "The Right Man"   Aguilera, Perry Linda Perry 3:51
Total length: