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Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game. It is developed by Rovio. Players have to help the green pigs to steal the egg of the Angry Birds,[1] a game that's also developed by Rovio. Being a spin-off of Angry Birds, the players control the pigs instead of the birds.

Gameplay[change | change source]

Each level has a different mission. Players have to build a transport for the Freckled Pig.[2]

As you proceed through the game, new materials can be unlocked, for example: At the beginning of the game you only receive wooden blocks and wheels that control the Freckled Piggy, but later, maybe in level 25 of Groundhog Day, you already unlocked certain types of engines or new wheels.

Like Angry Birds, you can achieve 3 stars but unlike the original game, there is no score. You achieve stars by doing a mission or at least one for getting the piggy to the finish line

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