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Bambi, a Life in the Woods

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Bambi, A Life in the Woods
Bambi book cover
AuthorFelix Salten
Original titleBambi: Eine Lebens­geschichte aus dem Walde
TranslatorWhittaker Chambers
PublisherSimon and Schuster
Publication date
Published in English
Followed byBambi's Children 

Bambi, a Life in the Woods (German: Bambi: Eine Lebens­geschichte aus dem Walde) is a novel by Austrian author Felix Salten. It was published in 1923. The story is about a Roe Deer and his life as he grows up.


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The book was made into a film called Bambi by Walt Disney Productions. The film is famous and received a midquel titled Bambi II in 2006. In the Disney films, Bambi was made a White-tailed deer. Scott Jeffrey Has Also A Forthcoming Horror Film Titled Bambi: The Reckoning, Which Will Serve As A Horror Reimagining of the novel.

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