Bambi Meets Godzilla

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Bambi Meets Godzilla is a two-minute short cartoon created by Marv Newland in 1969. It features the characters Bambi and Godzilla. It is ranked as #38 in the book The 50 Greatest Cartoons, written in 1994.[1]

Two sequels were later made that were not created by Newland: Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla and Bambi's Revenge.

Plot[change | change source]

In the opening credits, Bambi is seen grazing while Call to the Dairy Cows from Gioachino Rossini's opera William Tell (1829) plays in the background. After the credits, Bambi looks up to see Godzilla's foot coming down on him, crushing him (set to "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles). After this, the closing credits play over an image of Godzilla's foot.

References[change | change source]

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