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A coffee maker or barista is a person who prepares and delivers espresso-based drinks in a coffee shop.

Although this profession is not an official profession, most coffee shops have an espresso machine to show. They use this word. Every year, the world barista competition is held to select their skills. This competition was established for the first time in Norway. After winning in their country, the baristas are selected and sent to the international competition.

Today, in many cafes, the barista prepares hot and cold drinks based on coffee or even other coffee. Baristas are usually dressed in a jacket, vest or apron to distinguish them from other baristas. A good barista should know exactly how much temperature and water pressure and how long to use to prepare an espresso shot, according to the type of coffee, the type of roast (roast) and the type of grinder.

Barista skills[change | change source]

Many baristas take great pride in their skills and spend years perfecting specific techniques to make great drinks. More experienced baristas are often tasked with training new employees. This training can range from making everyday drinks to creating specialty drinks to learning how to operate complex machinery.