Bart the Daredevil

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"Bart the Daredevil" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons second season and first started on December 6, 1990. It was written by Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky and directed by Wes Archer. In this episode, the Simpsons go to a Monster truck rally that has famous daredevil "Lance Murdock." Bart immediately becomes enamored and decides that he wants to become a daredevil as well. Bart's first trick ends in injury, and although the family and "Dr. Hibbert's" best efforts, Bart continues to try tricks. Bart decides to jump the Springfield gorge, but Homer learns about Bart's plan and makes him promise not to jump it. However, Bart breaks his promise and goes to jump the gorge. Before the act, though, Homer stops him just in time and gets Bart to promise that he will stop being a daredevil homer then takes Bart's place in jump and very nearly dies.

Series creator Matt Groening said that the episode is his favorite of the series, and it is also thought among the series's best by television people.