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Barys Kit

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Kit in August 2015

Barys Uladzimiravich Kit (Belarusian: Бары́с Уладзімеравіч Кіт, Russian: Бори́с Влади́мирович Кит; April 6, 1910[1] – February 1, 2018) was a Belarusian American rocket scientist. He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire.

In the mid-1950s Kit began his scientific activities in the field of astronautics. He worked for 25 years in the American space research program. As a mathematician and systems analyst, he took part in projects aimed at the development of intercontinental missile systems.[2]

Kit died on February 1, 2018 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany of pneumonia at the age of 107.[3]

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