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Basset Hound

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A short, white dog with brown spots, brown eyes, and a black nose
Purebred lemon-and-white Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short-legged dog, of the hound family. Bassets are used in hunting to detect the scent of game. Their sense of smell for tracking is second only to that of the Bloodhound.[1]

The name Basset comes from French words meaning "rather low".

Basset Hounds usually have coats of brown, black or white and are most often spotted. Sometimes they can be other colours.[2] Basset Hounds have been bred from the nineteenth century. They are said to descend from the Basset d'Artois. Basset Hounds are 30–38 centimetres (12–15 in) tall, and can weight up to 30 kilograms (66 lb).

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