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Symbol of the Austrian 14th Armoured Battalion in NATO military graphic symbols

A Battalion is a Military Unit. It is composed of around 500-1500 men. It is often made up of two to seven companies and is under the command of a Lieutenant Colonel or another officer. More than one Battalion often makes up a regiment or a brigade. In the United States Army,Battalions are made up of a Headquarters Company (Or Headquarters Troops for Cavalry Squadrons and Headquarters Batteries for Artillery Battalions) and several support Companies (Or Support Troops/Support Batteries). In a United States Marine Corps Battalion there is a Headquarters and Service Company and several Support Companies assigned to it. There are several types of Battalions in the United States Army. They include Intelligence Battalions,Engineer Battalions,Artillery Battalions,Aviation Battalions,Etc.

A Battalion is often the smallest military unit able to do movement on their own without being part of a larger unit. The battalion is often part of a regiment,group or a brigade.

Depending on the Region and Country/Service in which the Battalion is assigned to,there are several important people in a Battalion Headquarters and they include the following:

  • Commanding Officer (CO) The Commanding Officer of a Battalion is always a Lieutenant Colonel or even a full Colonel
  • Second-in-command (2i/c) The Second-In-Command is often a Major or a lieutenant Colonel if the Battalion is commanded by a full Colonel
  • Adjutant The Adjutant is either a Captain or a Major
  • Quartermaster (QM) The Quartermaster is either a Captain or a Major
  • Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) Army Medical Services usually employs either a Captain or a Major as the Regimental Medical Officer
  • Regimental Administrative Officer (RAO) Adjutant General's Corps employs either a Captain or a Major as the Regimental Administrative Officer
  • Padre Royal Army Chaplains Department employs a Chaplain to provide support to members who may be experiencing mental, emotional and physical trauma while they are in service.
  • Regimental Intelligence Officer (RIO) The Regimental Intelligence Officer is either a Lieutenant or a Captain
  • Regimental Signals Officer (RSO) Royal Corps of Signals employs either a Lieutenant or a Captain as the Regimental Signals Officer
  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) In Bermuda a Regimental Sergeant Major is usually a Warrant Officer Class 1
  • Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) The Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant is usually a Warrant Officer Class 2

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