Battle of Camden

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Battle of Camden
Part of the American Revolutionary War
Battle of Camden.jpg
Battle of Camden—Death of De Kalb
DateAugust 16, 1780
34°21′52.39″N 80°36′50.04″W / 34.3645528°N 80.6139000°W / 34.3645528; -80.6139000Coordinates: 34°21′52.39″N 80°36′50.04″W / 34.3645528°N 80.6139000°W / 34.3645528; -80.6139000
Result Decisive British victory
 Great Britain  United States
Commanders and leaders
Charles Cornwallis
Banastre Tarleton
Lord Rawdon
Horatio Gates
Johann de Kalb 
Marquis de La Rouërie
4 guns
7 guns
Casualties and losses
68 killed
245 wounded
11 missing[1]
900 killed and wounded
1,000 Captured[2]

The Battle of Camden was a battle between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States. It happened during the American Revolutionary War. It was a major victory for the British Army.

The Battle took place north of Camden, South Carolina on August 16, 1780.

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