Battle of Lade

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Battle of Lade
Part of the Ionian Revolt & Greco-Persian Wars

Map of Lade, Miletus, and the Mycale peninsula.
Date494 BC
Near the island of Lade, off the coast of Miletus
Result Decisive Persian victory
Ionia Persian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Dionysius of Phocaea Datis (?)
353 ships (Herodotus) 600 ships (Herodotus)
Casualties and losses
246 ships 57 ships

The Battle of Lade was a naval battle which occurred in 494 BC. It was fought between an alliance of the Ionian cities (joined by the Lesbians) and the Persian Empire of Darius the Great. The Persians won the revolt and this led to the end of the war.[1]

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