Beyer, Peacock and Company

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Beyer, Peacock and Company was a railway locomotive manufacturer with a factory in Gorton, Manchester. It worked from 1854 until 1966.[1]

During the First World War they manufactured artillery. They made the first successful condensing locomotive design for London's first underground railway.

Most of their locomotives were exported, especially the double ended Garrat articulated locomotives, which could go round tight curves. Their boiler, firebox, and cab are mounted on a centre frame or "bridge". The two other parts, one at each end, have a pivot to support the central frame; they both have a steam engine unit – with driving wheels, trailing wheels, valve gear, and cylinders, and above it, fuel and/or water storage.

South African Railways 2 ft (610 mm) gauge SAR NGG 16 Class Garratt, preserved in operating condition on the Welsh Highland Railway

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