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Biescas is a town in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. It is on the river Gallego at and altitude of 875 m in the zone known as Tierra de Biescas. The population is 1240.

It is divided in two main neighbourhoods "San Pedro" and "El Salvador", the last one divided other two neighbourhoods called "Barrio Bajo" and "La Peña" (or "Barrio Alto").

There are two churches in the town, the first one, San Pedro's Church is in the neighbourhood of San Pedro and the second one San Salvador's Church in La Peña.

Municipality of Biescas is divided in four parts

Additionally Ainielle, Barbenuta, Bergusa, Casbas, Espierre, Susín and Javierre del Obispo are included in Biescas municipality