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Billericay is a town in the United Kingdom. It is in the east of England in the county of Essex. It has a train station named Billericay railway station.

Geography[change | change source]

Billericay is a semi-rural (not like a city and not like the countryside but looks like a mixture of the two) town with many green spaces. Some green spaces are Norsey Wood, Mill Meadows Nature Reserve, Queen's Park Country Park, Sun Corner, Lake Meadows and South Green.

Towns near Billericay include:

Villages near Billericay include:

Education[change | change source]

There are two high schools. The names of the schools are Billericay School and Mayflower High School. The nearest university is named Anglia Ruskin University. Anglia Ruskin University is in a town near Billericay named Chelmsford.

Twin towns[change | change source]

Billericay is twinned with these:

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