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Bimini, Bahamas
Fishing Capital of the Bahamas
The Bahamas with Bimini highlighted on the west side
The Bahamas with Bimini highlighted on the west side
Coordinates: 25°44′N 79°15′W / 25.733°N 79.250°W / 25.733; -79.250Coordinates: 25°44′N 79°15′W / 25.733°N 79.250°W / 25.733; -79.250
CapitalAlice Town
 • Total23 km2 (9 sq mi)
 • Total1,988
 • Density86/km2 (220/sq mi)
Parliamentary representation1 House seat, shared with West End as a single parliamentary constituency
Local government1 council; 0 townships

Bimini is the westernmost district of the Bahamas. Bimini is the closest point in the Bahamas to the mainland United States. It is about 137 miles (209 km) west-northwest of Nassau. There are about 1600 people on the chain of islands.[1] The capital is Alice Town. South Bimini Airport is on South Bimini island. The ocean around the islands is said to be one of the world's top big-game fishing spots.[2]

Bimini is home to several unique and threatened species. The Bimini Boa[3] is the largest of the reptiles on Bimini. The Bimini Ameiva is a very common, fast moving lizard on the island. The Smalltooth sawfish is one of the rarest fish in the world.[4] The spiny dogfish also can be found on Bimini.

Ernest Hemingway lived on Bimini from 1935 to 1937.

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