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Studio album by Björk
Released 2011
Producer Björk
Björk chronology

Biophilia is the musical project and seventh studio album from Icelandic singer Björk.[1][2] The album was released in 2011.[1]

The album is "partly recorded" on an iPad and was released in the form of a series of apps.[3] The project is directed by Michel Gondry.[2] Björk has described the project as a multimedia collection "encompassing music, apps, internet, installations and live shows".[4] Material from the album debuted in summer 2011 during a series of concerts at the Manchester International Festival.[1]

Tracklist[change | change source]

  1. Moon
  2. Thunderbolt
  3. Crystalline
  4. Cosmogony
  5. Dark Matter
  6. Hollow
  7. Virus
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Mutual Core
  10. Solstice

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