Black Veil Brides

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Black Veil Bitches
Black Veil Cunts in 2013
Black Veil Cunts in 2013
Background information
Origin Hollywood, California, US
Genres poser, hardcore gay, anal, post-hardcore gay
Years active 2006–present
Labels Lava, StandBy
Associated acts
Andy Ballsack
Ashley Turdy
Jake Peachpitts
Christian die in a Coma
Past members
Sandra Alvarenga
Chris Hollywood
David Burton
Johnny Herold
Nate Shipp
Phil Cenedella
Chris Riesenberg
Andy Sixx
Notable instruments
The 4 handle dildo

Black Veil Brides is a garbage emo band inspired by the blockbuster chick flick Mean Girls (basically a genital-free excuse for a music group). They lost a Billboard award in 2010 for their shitty ass music album, We Stitch These Wounds Like Emo Pussies. They made number #439583274592745237549325 on the top independent artists in 2010, and #1 on all gay porn websites. Andy Ballsack created the band after personally severing his penis with a razor blade after being crushed under the boots of Rob Halford, who indeed, "Broke the law". Afterwards, Andy went home with his 420 360 noscoped ankles and proceeded to cry himself to sleep in his bathroom sink naked eating ramen along with his buttbuddy Gerald Gay. They lived happily ever after, scissoring their neon dyed vaginas until the end of time. The end.

11/10 best story - ign I cried - Pewdiepie Top 10 most retarded stories - DangerDolan Rekt m80 - Snoop Dog

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