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Blackpool Tower

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Blackpool tower, seen from the beach

Blackpool Tower is a tall structure in Blackpool, a North England seaside town.

It was built in the style of the Eiffel Tower. Building started in 1891 and finished in 1894. It cost £45000 (around US$70000), is 518 ft tall and weighs 2586 tons. It is mainly made from steel and cast iron.

It is one of the main tourist attractions in Blackpool. These include the tower itself, the Golden Mile, which is a row of arcades, the Irish Sea and beach, and Pleasure Beach Blackpool (a theme park).

The oldest part of the building is the old aquarium which was part of Dr Cockers' Menagarie and Aquarium since the 1870s. It was kept open to earn money while the tower building was built around it.[1]

The tower was bought by Blackpool Council in 2010 and is now run by Merlin Entertainments for Blackpool Council.

Since Merlin Entertainments started running the tower, the building has been repaired and new attractions have been added. The aquarium was removed to make way for a new attraction.

Attractions at the tower include the Blackpool Dungeon, the Blackpool Tower Eye, the Blackpool Tower Circus, the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Jungle Jim's.[2]


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