Blunt trauma

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Blunt trauma is a kind of trauma that usually results from being hit by something dull and firm (like a car, a fist, or the ground). It is also called blunt force trauma. This is different from penetrating trauma where an object, such as a bullet enters the body.

Common types of blunt force trauma include:[1]

  • Being in a car accident (this is the most common cause of blunt force trauma)
  • Being hit by another person with a fist or with something that is not sharp, like a bat
  • Falling and hitting the ground (like falling down the stairs)
  • Jumping or falling from a high place

What kinds of problems can blunt force trauma cause?[change | change source]

If blunt force trauma is not too severe, it may cause only cuts (lacerations), bruises (contusions), and scrapes (abrasions). However, bad blunt force trauma can cause many serious problems, like:[1]

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