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Brahmin is a part of the caste system in Hinduism. Brahmins were teacher, doctor, scholar, or religious person in the past. The Brahmins were the highest and powerful in all four castes. They are called Dwij because they are twice born people who guide others toward enlightenment. The Brahmins developed in the Aryan society. The caste system was rigid and unfair favouring the Brahmins. This caste system classified people by jobs. The people in the caste were mostly Priests and Dramaist in the Aryan society. The Brahmins have right to arrange prayer and rituals. Parashurama was one of the well known Brahmin by birth, but throughout his life, he was a warrior whose job was to protect Dharma. Most brahmins practice vegetarianism. There are many subgroups in Brahmins based on demography.

The Brahmins of Vedic Period[change | change source]

A Brahmana.

The Brahmanas of the Vedic period were regarded as the most knowledgeable people, and the best of best in all arts.

The sub-groups[change | change source]

Smarta Brahmin

In Tamil Nadu, The Iyers and Iyengars are well known Brahmin communities. Iyers are mostly worshippers of Shiva and the Iyengars are Vaishnavites.