Brian Orser

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Brian Orser at the 2011 Rostelecom Cup

Brian Orser, OC (born December 18, 1961 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian figure skater. He won two silver medals (second place) at the Olympics: the first in 1984 and the second in 1988.

At the 1988 Olympics, he was part of the Battle of the Brians. He and American Brian Boitano were both favorites to win the competition. Boitano won it in a very close call over Orser.

In 1998, an ex-boyfriend of Orser announced in a court of law that Orser is gay. Orser did not want this known at first. He thought that people knowing that he was gay would affect his career in a negative way. However, he has since embraced being outed.[1]

Orser retired from show skating in 2007. He now is a co-director of skating at a rink in Toronto.

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