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Image of where brisket comes from.
TypeCut of beef

Brisket is a type of meat cut. It is from the chest of either beef or veal. It has a lot of connective tissue.

Brisket has been well known to be a part of Texan cuisine.[1] It could have due to the pricing of the brisket compared to other cuts.[2]

Etymology[change | change source]

According to the second version of Random House Dictionary of the English Language, the term comes from the Middle English word brusket which comes from the earlier Old Norse brjósk, meaning cartilage. The cut includes the sternum, ribs, and connecting costal tissues.

Preparation[change | change source]

Grilled brisket

Like most beef cuts, brisket can be cooked with different methods. It can be seasoned with a spice mix or marinade. It is usually grilled or smoked, and then basted when it is almost cooked.

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