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Temporal range: Upper Jurassic
154–150 mya
Brontosaurus Yale Peabody cropped.jpg
Holotype specimen of B. excelsus
Peabody Museum of Natural History
Scientific classification
Type species
Brontosaurus excelsus

Brontosaurus [1] is a genus of sauropod dinosaur.

Brontosaurus was originally named by its discoverer Othniel Charles Marsh in 1879. Brontosaurus had long been considered a junior synonym of Apatosaurus. Its only species was reclassified as A. excelsus in 1903.

However, an extensive study published in 2015 concluded that Brontosaurus was a valid genus of sauropod distinct from Apatosaurus.[2]

Brontosaurus is a member of the family Diplodocidae, a clade of gigantic sauropod dinosaurs. The family includes some of the longest creatures ever to walk the earth, including Diplodocus, Supersaurus, and Barosaurus. Brontosaurus is closely related to Apatosaurus in the subfamily Apatosaurinae.[2]

References[change | change source]

  1. meaning "thunder lizard" (from Greek brontē = thunder + sauros = lizard)
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