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Brownie Brown Inc.
Type Private
Subsidiary of Nintendo
Industry Computer and video game industry
When it was created June 30, 2000
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people President
Shinichi Kameoka
Tomoki Anazawa
Koji Tsuda
Nobuyuki Inoue
Koji Yoshida
(Nintendo Co. Ltd)
Futoshi Yamaguchi
(Nintendo Co. Ltd)
Things made Games for Nintendo video game consoles
Employees 29
Parent Nintendo

Brownie Brown Inc. (ブラウニーブラウン, Buraunī Buraun) is a Japanese Nintendo-owned video game development company in Tokyo, Japan. They were formed by ex-employees of Square Co. who worked on games in the Mana series.

Games[change | change source]

Game Boy Advance[change | change source]

Nintendo DS[change | change source]