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Bruno Bušić (Born in Vinjani Donji near Imotski, 6 October 1939 - Paris, 16 October 1978), an advocate of democratic, sovereign, and free Croatian. He was a patriot, dissident, writer, historical researcher, and a political leader of Croatian emigration.

Biography[change | change source]

Bušić was born in the Vinjani Donji village, Imotski county, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His political activities when he was a secondary school student, were seen by the communist regime as dangerous. As of 1957. he joined to Tiho group which goal was to fight for freedom, equal rights and establishment of free Croatia based on democracy. He was put on the watch list of the Yugoslav secret service UDBA. Along with other members of theTiho group he was expelled from the secondary school he attended.[1]

During his college years at Zagreb University he started a journalist career at the Workers Movement History Institute, mentored by Franjo Tudjman [2]

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