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Bryan Ruiz Gonzalez (b. 18 August 1985[1]) is a Costa Rican football player. He was born in San Jose.

Life[change | change source]

At the age of twelve, Gonzalez started playing for Liga Deportiva Alajuelense minor leagues. Almost immediately, he became a famous young player, everyone in the minor leagues, not just his teammates and coach, talk about him as a promising soccer player. That fame, make him debut in first division in the year 2003, at the age of eighteen. He was playing for the same team that saw him born as a professional soccer player.

Career[change | change source]

During his first tournament, he developed a great ability and speed. Quickly, he was a vital piece in his team and take part of important games, like “El Clasico” when Alajuela goes against Saprissa, Alajuela’s archrival. In his second year, he faced his most difficult challenge at the moment, the CONCACAF Champion's Cup. That competition is for the most skilled teams in the area, and even so he won that cup.

Back in Costa Rica, that tournament was won for his team, so another title was added to his trophy room. With just a short career as a professional soccer player, his future seemed to be bright as the sun. Surprisingly, the Costa Rica National Team coach called him to play representing his country. He did well and was acclaimed for the public.

Suddenly, in 2006, Bryan received an offer to play for a soccer team in Belgium. The team K.A.A. Gent wanted to sign him for a four-year deal. Since that day, Bryan has acquired some techniques that are helping him to be better each day. In Belgium, his reputation started to increase when he scored a lot of goals. Unexpectedly, he became the best scorer of his team, also got a hat-trick.

All of that gave him a big audience, so he was called again to play with his national team. He came to Costa Rica again and put out a great presentation, showing that he has learned new tricks and developed innovative abilities. He is a promising soccer player for his country that hopes to be signed by a very good soccer team in Europe. Then in 2009 he got a chance to play with FC Twente Enschede in Holland where he won the cup there and is now currently (2010) playing for the UEFA Champions League cup.

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