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A woman blowing a bubble with bubblegum

Bubble gum is a popular type of candy that is not eaten, but instead chewed. Before being chewed bubble gum is hard. When it is chewed it is soft. It is called bubble gum, because once soft a person could create a bubble with the gum by blowing air into it. Bubble gum comes in many flavors.

Originally, bubble gum was made with organic latex, a milky fluid produced by a variety of seed plants. Latex is also the principle component of rubber.[1] It has water and sugar in it as well. Modern bubble gum has synthetic alternatives.

Bubble gum was invented in 1928 by Mr. Walter Diemer (1904-1998), who liked working with gum in his free time after being an accountant. He only had pink food coloring, and is why most bubble gum is pink. His gum was called Dubble Bubble, which was the first bubble gum ever made. Bazooka was the second made bubble gum.[2] Thomas Adams made a kind of bubble gum called Black Jack.[3]

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