Buick Regal

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Buick Regal
a fifth generation Buick Regal.
Manufacturer General Motors
Production North America: 1973–2004; 2011–present
China: 1999–present
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size luxury sedan
Platform GM Epsilon platform
Related Buick LaCrosse
Opel Insignia
Predecessor Saturn Aura
Pontiac G6
Successor Buick LaCrosse (2005)(CXL/CXS)

The Buick Regal is a mid-size car that is built by General Motors's Buick brand. The Buick Regal has had five generations, the newest one in 2011. The assembly for the car's are in Shanghai, China, Rüsselsheim, Germany and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Prior to the fifth generation Buick Regal was strictly front-wheel drive, beginning with the fifth generation all-wheel drive (AWD) became an option. From 1974-2003 certain generations shared the same frame and design with the Buick Century, in 1997 the Regal was released with a new design making it a more upscale version of the Century the only changes were the grille and interior.

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