Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

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"Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" is the eleventh episode of The Simpsons third season. The name is in a grammatically incorrect form, it must be called "Burns verkauft das Kraftwerk". The episode first started on December 5, 1991. In this episode, Mr. Burns, who is sad because he wishes to pursue many interests, decides to sell the power plant to two German investors for "100 million dollars." Homer's incompetence quickly gets him fired by the Germans. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns has lost all his respectability because he can no longer control anyone. As a result, he decides to buy back the plant. Because the power plant has been so costly to maintain, the Germans decide to sell the power plant back to Burns for 50 million dollars. Determined to keep his enemies close at hand, Burns rehires Homer, and all is back to normal.