Bush moa

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Bush moa
Temporal range: Pleistocene-Holocene
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Infraclass: Palaeognathae
Order: Dinornithiformes
Family: Emeidae
Genus: Anomalopteryx
Reichenbach 1852
A. didiformis
Binomial name
Anomalopteryx didiformis
(Owen 1844) Reichenbach 1853[1][2]

Dinornis didiformis Owen, 1844
Anomalopteryx didiformis (Owen 1844) Lydekker 1891
Anomalornis didiformis (Owen 1844) Hutton 1897
Dinornis dromioides Owen, 1846 non Oliver 1930
Anomalopteryx dromaeoides (Owen 1846) Lydekker 1891
Dinornis parvus Owen, 1883
Anomalopteryx parva (Owen 1883) Lydekker 1891
Dinornis oweni Haast, 1886
Anomalornis owenii (Haast 1886) Hutton 1897
Pachyornis owenii (Haast 1886) Archey 1941
Anomalopteryx oweni (Haast 1886) Oliver 1949
Anomalopteryx antiquus Hutton, 1892 (may be a valid predecessor species)
Anomalopteryx fortis Hutton, 1893
Anomalornis gracilis Hutton 1897 non Dinornis gracilis Owen 1854
Anomalornis (Hutton, 1897)
Graya (Bonaparte, 1956)

The bush moa or lesser moa (Anomalopteryx didiformis) is an extinct bird from New Zealand. It was about 1 meter long. It weighed about 30 kilograms. It lived all over New Zealand.[3][4]

The bush moa had a sharp beak. It could not fly. It is thought that it ate twigs and other tough plant material.[4]

The bush moa had predators such as the Haast's eagle and Eyles' harrier. All bush moas died 500-600 years ago, after humans came to New Zealand.[4]

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