Córdoba, Andalusia

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Cordoba is a city in Andalusia, Spain. It is the capital of Cordoba province. It has a population of 321,000.

Cordoba was the capital of the Califate of Cordoba, an Islamic empire in the Middle Ages, when the city was the biggest in Europe, with 250,000 people.

Cordoba is 138 kilometers (86 miles) northeast of the city of Seville and is on the Guadalquivir river.

History[change | edit source]

The Romans occupied Cordoba in 206 B.C. The city was very important in the 900s CE as a famous center of Moorish art and culture. The cathedral in Cordoba is the city's chief landmark. It was built as a mosque (Muslim house of worship) in the 700s and was made into a Roman Catholic cathedral in 1238. More than 1,000 pillars of stone including granite, onyx, marble and jasper support its arches.

Economy[change | edit source]

A soft, fine-grained leather called cordovan is made in Cordova. Cordova is the center of an agricultural region. Farms produce grain, grapes, olives, and vegetables.